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My professional experience: main achievements and collaboration
in France, in Poland and in the United States:
Business development & publications, translation, conferences

Business, e-commerce
E-commerce conference for Fedex, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Business, e-commerce, France:

Business, new technologies, e-commerce, translation, France:

Business, health field, e-commerce, translation, France:

Artificial intelligence, Poland

Association, financial field, foreign policy, business, France, Poland :

Business, translation, e-commerce, France :

Book publishing, translation, Poland:

Business, financial field, France:

Travel, Poland:

University (France) : Lecturer at the Sorbonne University, Faculty of Slavic Studies for Polish and French students of the translation field in LLCE (Languages, Litterature and Foreign Civilizations) and in International Trade LEA (Applied Foreign Languages). Expertise in e-commerce and in online/offline translation/localization in Europe

University (France): Université Paris VIII
Lecturer: webmarketing strategy, business strategy, sociology of consumption, e-commerce

University (France): La Rochelle Université

University (United States)
Clemson University –
The Packaging School (USA, South Carolina)



My language skills:

French-bilingual (C2)
English-bilingual (Toeic test in 2010, IELTS in 2015 and British Council: C1 level in 2017)
Italian-bilingual (C1)
Polish-mother tongue


My scientific papers (non – exhaustive list)

2022 : Cabas R., Conference proceedings : Cyberspace, hybridization and GDPR in an era of pandemics and global conflicts, The Observatory of Pedagogical Transformation (L11), Bayonne, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour

2021. Cabas R., 2021, Instrumentarian power and Big Data in the age of digital domination, Revue Internationale de Management et de Stratégie, (14 pages) https://www.revue-rms.fr/attachment/2204271/ 

2018: E-commerce, packaging, international trade, consumer behavior
Clemson University (South Carolina, United States), The Packaging School
Title: Three methods for optimizing packaging for sales (5 pages)

2013: Financial field, e-commerce, international business, new technologies:
Magazine: La revue d’échanges des dirigeants financiers Finance et Gestion:
Section: Poland, an example of economic success.
Title: Trade in Poland, the development of new technologies. Number 313, October 2013, p.45
(published in France, in French version, 1 page)

2010: Foreign policy, history:
The article (letter) for the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza
(published in Polish version)

2010: Education:
The educational book for children about the phoenicians origins of the alphabet
(published in Poland, in polish version, 17 pages)
Kacperek w krainie literek, Warszawa, Editions Kefas

Current project: Information, e-commerce, translation:

MyScienceWork :
Architecture of virtual information: mirror of diversity.
Title: The role of information and localization of websites messages,
Examples of the various international e-commerce websites (2 pages)


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